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Are you tired of hearing about Pinterest yet?  How about from this point on when I share something crafty, you can just assume I was inspired in some way shape or form from Pinterest and then I won't over use that word.

We had an abundance of pallet wood left over from the headboard we made for Ronan (my son).  The excess was burning a hole in my creative outlet so it was back to work this weeked to craft something new.

This is what we came up with.   It's the lat / long coordinates to the places we've lived together.  The list will get longer by probably 5 or so more boards (if I'm lucky), so we left a few empty ones on here and wrote down the stain color for when we have to add more to it.

We sanded and stained the pallet wood and affixed them together with some galvanized steel rope.  We used a stencil (from Target) to paint the numbers on.   We used a flat black acrylic paint (from the craft section).

I have this hanging in my dining room.  I used to have a chalkboard menu up, but I like this better.

This project took care of a good portion of that left over wood, but I wanted to do my own project for my laundry room.   I have an over abundance of lost socks that I just leave in my dryer hoping that it will find its soul mate at some point, but it usually takes several loads to find it, and sometimes they get lost again in sheets and my husbands pant legs.

This was just something fun to hang above the dryer to put all those missing socks on so they can stay in one place.   I added some mason jars, for money, buttons and other nick knacks that I find in my children's clothes.

So that just about took care of the wood.  I think the rest went into the fire pit stash.

I was on an organization kick this week though, so the fun didn't stop there.  I have little to no counter space and every time I go to the grocery store I have loads of fruit sitting on my counter taking up the majority of the space.  I got some planter baskets from LOWES and Adam hung them all the wall for me.   VIOLA! More counter space!

The other day Ava was complaining about her dress up clothes.  She let me know that it was hard to play dress up because everything was wadded up in the dress up basket and she couldn't find her necklaces and earrings and play shoes.  She had a good argument so I told her I'd work on it.   I had a few tension rods from my photography studio stash, but none of them would fit in the tiny little area that we stored her dress up clothes.  Then......pure mom genius struck.  I had saved a baby gate for when we have little visitors over.  I dug it out and IT FIT!'s not the most attractive thing to look at, but it keeps her dress up clothes off the floor and up where she can see them.

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