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Anyone with young kids or a messy husband needs a mud mat.   This one cost me about $8 because I bought so many rocks to glue on to this project.   I'm sure you could get away with less, but I wanted to completely cover it.  

They sell all this stuff at the Dollar Tree.   I bought 6 bags of rocks and the black plastic mat.  I have a lifetime supply of glue sticks so I didn't have to buy those.  This is pretty basic...just glue the rocks on to the mat and layer as high as you wish to go.  I enjoyed making this and it looks really nice at my door.  You could leave it outside also.  

I've been meaning to put this growth chart on here too.   We made this a few weeks ago.  I believe it cost us $11.  The wood is already cut to size so all you need to do is stain it and then stencil in your numbers.   I live in Clovis, so there were no stencils around here to buy.  I made my own instead. I went into WORD and found a font I liked...then made it as big as I could get.   I'm thinking it was like 96 point font.  I printed it on card stock and used an exacto - knife to cut them out.  Then we used a black sharpie instead of paint.  Easy! I LOVE this and it looks really nice in the house.  I plan to keep this forever and hopefully measure some grandchildren with it one day! 

TIP:  We started our measuring at 1/2 foot so that it can hang on the wall and not have to touch the floor.  

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