Cheeky {Clovis, NM - Photographer}

I really miss going outside.  It's been cold here this week and I have a severe case of cabin fever.   I've cleaned all the things that need cleaning, done all the laundry, and watched an entire season of Downton Abbey (which I recommend, go check it on Netflix).  I sure wish March would hurry along and get here already.  I usually can break out my flip flops by then.

Ronan has pretty much got the potty training thing figured out, he hasn't been dry at night yet, but I'm pretty sure it's because he's such a sound sleeper.  He is a boy for sure; loves checking out his poop and wants everyone in the house to tell him how awesome it looks.  He also has to be the one to flush the toilet or there is a major freak out.   I ventured out to the Dollar Tree yesterday and he was accident free for the entire journey.  I'm proud of my boy and extremely happy not to have to change nearly as many yucko diapers any longer.

We've officially have been in Clovis for over two years now. Hard to imagine that we got here when Ronan was 9 months old. He's such a big kid now! 

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