Dinner at the Murphy's

We had breakfast for dinner the other night. It consisted of eggs, bacon, venison sausage and biscuits.  

Adam and Marc (another SERE guy) got a buck back in November when they went hunting and decided to split the meat.   We got it all back from the meat guy the other day and I'm now being forced to eat venison at every meal.  It's not a bad meat health wise so I'm struggling through it.

In the middle of our meal Ronan got down from the table and started running laps around the table.  It was so odd.  Almost like he needed to build up his appetite or maybe he ate to much and needed to run it off? It was pretty entertaining.   My phone was sitting on the table and I managed to snag this video of him doing it.  He has since done it a few more times (only at dinner).

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