I Heart Faces - Best Face 2011

How does one ever decide for a contest like this?  I had to pull out the external hard drive and look over every session I've done this year.

I chose this image because of what it means to me.  My husband is in the USAF and I often have to reflect on what the flag really means.  This picture helps explain all the TDY's, all the deployments and all the extended training trips he goes on. It's truly the best of 2011 in my eyes!

This little boy is still waiting on his dad to return home, it's been over 6 months since he's seen him!

Amy  – (Monday, January 09, 2012)  

Not only is this a great photo, but it represents so much! The faith, love, and strength of the families that are all waiting for their loved ones to come home. One of my favorites so far!

Julie  – (Monday, January 09, 2012)  

Lovely! The colors are awesome.

Kristin  – (Monday, January 09, 2012)  

beautiful capture! i love this shot!!

Amy  – (Monday, January 09, 2012)  

Realy great composition. I love the bold colors!

Mandy  – (Monday, January 09, 2012)  

This is an incredible photo! Perfect light, great tones, and a cute little guy!

Life with Kaishon  – (Monday, January 09, 2012)  

I love this shot. What a great picture. Absolutely fantastic. : )

Erin Wheeler  – (Monday, January 09, 2012)  

Wow!! So beautiful! Such a cutie, love the light and the message in this image. Love, love!!

Cyndie  – (Tuesday, January 10, 2012)  

Awesome in so many ways! Great capture!!

Farmgirl  – (Tuesday, January 10, 2012)  

Beutiful! Love the lighting and the colors!

CariAnne  – (Tuesday, January 10, 2012)  

What a special photo....so beautiful...love the colors, the light, and that face :)!!

Adrienne  – (Tuesday, January 10, 2012)  

Love the light and his soft smile. Beautiful photo!

jr  – (Thursday, January 12, 2012)  

Great capture! Saw this on IHF.

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