I Heart Faces - Family Fun

This image is of my Grandmother who recently lost her battle with cancer. I was blessed to be able to stay a week with her about 6 months before her death. This is the image that I will always remember her by. So full of life, love and happiness.

My daughter was talking to her imaginary friend on the phone and something about what she was saying made my grandmother burst into laughter.  I wish so hard I remembered what it was, but alas I cannot recall.

jenjabbour  – (Monday, January 16, 2012)  

what a sweet moment! this is definitely one to cherish!!!

J.Pryor  – (Monday, January 16, 2012)  

One of my favourites of yours EVER

Ruthie  – (Monday, January 16, 2012)  

That is super adorable!

Ruthie from www.ruthiephotography.blogspot.com

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