Ronan has been a bit on the bratty side the past few days.   Adam and I came to the conclusion that he must be getting in those pesky two year old molars.   Things that make him cry have been making him cry even harder, he's been super cranky and clingy.  I counted his teeth this morning...and alas there are 20 in there so the molar idea is out because he apparently already got those. ;)  I guess it's just those lovely terrible twos... (even though he is nearing 3).  

He was having a really hard day two days ago and we left him to sort it out on the couch with a blanket, a pillow and Ratatouille on the TV.   5 minutes later we found him like this:

He slept right through dinner preparations which was a much needed break for me. 

Adam is heading out soon for an extended TDY.   He gets to go to a warm state west of here and warm country just south of Florida. I wonder if I can fit in his suitcase??

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