The Anti-Business

It's been almost a year (10-19-2010) since I purchased my business license.   I've learned SO much this year from the great photography friends I've made here in Clovis.   I feel like I've jumped leaps and bounds from where I started in this business.   I've learned to say no, how to file business taxes, how to apply and make PS actions, that my camera doesn't take nice pictures (I make them) and countless other things.  I've also come to the conclusion that I miss my kids, I miss my husband, I miss not having anything planned and doing things spur of the moment.

Photography is a HUGE part of my creative outlet and this isn't me quitting.   This is me not renewing my business license.  This is me taking time for ME and my family. 

I will still have casting calls, I will still do sessions for close friends and family, but I will no longer offer my services to the general public. Instead...I will blog about my family, my I HEART FACES challenges,  pinterest crafts that I will do a sub-par job on, my goal of being FIT, and maybe some recipes that I've tried.   You may even see some tutorials on camera operations, photoshop techniques and things of that nature.  

I hope to see you around the blog.  You can always find me on as well!! 

Ariel  – (Tuesday, October 11, 2011)  

Sounds good to me...priorities...enough said. I will follow you anywhere :) The last shot of Ava...amazing. xo

MacAttack  – (Tuesday, October 11, 2011)  

As long as you're happy and continue taking photos! I'll always check up your site for photos, they make me happy so keep it up!


Sasha Holloway  – (Sunday, October 16, 2011)  

Do what you gotta do boo. Hugs and love your still going to rock it no matter what your blogging about and or when .. xoxo

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