I've come across the word..."Mom-tographer" and have decided that this is what I am.  I am a mom, yet the camera calls my name each morning to go out and see what I can capture.  Momtographer,  I like it!

Yesterday was a half day for Ava.   The entire school lets out at 12:30 and she is getting off the bus at 1:00.  I don't really care for Wednesdays.   I like my house quiet and as soon as my two kiddies get together WWII breaks out.   Ronan is desperate for a playmate since he's hung out with me all morning and Ava is desperate for alone time since she dealt with people all morning.  Can you see my problem?  I will let you imagine the scenarios that go on.  Lots of patience is needed.  

The two of them were playing nicely together for about 3 seconds and I managed to snap a few images.  One in particular that will be going on my wall. 

I love this shot for so many reasons.   

1.)  He is actually looking at the camera.
2.)  I managed to get my shutter speed right (with Ava it can be at 8 and I still get a clean shot of her, but with Ronan it's in the hundreds for sure or you just get a blur).
3. )   I love the movement and the colors coming off the balloons scattered all over her floor.  
4.)  etc, etc, etc

I've promised myself that I will use my down time from the photography business to make all these cool crafts from Pinterest.  

This is a strand of Christmas lights with scrap fabric tied around it.  This took me about 3 hours from start to finish.  You have to cut all those little pieces to the right size and then spend the time to tie each individual scrap to the strand. It's so gorgeous though .    I have this laying across Ava's book shelf and falling over each side.   It's so calming and nice to sit in there at night with just the glow from this.   The fabric blocks most of the light, so it's really more of a glow.  The possibility is endless with this.   Christmas at my house will have one of these.  

This is a scrap tutu.   Made with the same fabric as the light strand.    It's the same process though...just doesn't take nearly as long.  Ava had a crappy tutu from the Dollar Tree that I took the elastic out of and tied this fabric too.  

I'm making a head board this weekend for Ronan out of wood from a pallet (that I haven't found yet).  His bed is so empty without something there. More on that when I actually complete it.  

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