Happy November

The kids thoroughly enjoyed Halloween this year.  I hadn't been on Trick or Treat duty in a few years so  I volunteered to take it this year and Adam was all about the scare factor of greeting kids with his toboggan covering his face (sadly I have no image of this).

Ava was Barbie Fairy Secret: 

Ronan was Remi (from Ratatouille):

This is the last Halloween we will spend with all of Ava's BFF's.  The whole cul-de-sac has orders to far away places and I've been praying for some more kids to move in so Ava and Ronan will have new friends to meet and have new adventures with.  Fingers Crossed!!

I've been trying all the new recipes that I've found on pinterest.  It's like Christmas everyday on there with the new creations that people have.   I love White Castle....it's greasy and horrible for you, but man the childhood memories I have from the one that was just down the street from my Grandpas house are powerful.  One bite into those little hamburgers and I'm 7 years old again.  

I found a recipe for a replica of these sliders and HAD to try them out.    I was not disappointed!! 

And if your going this route for dinner...I recommend (if it's available in your area) a big glass of BIG RED soda to go with it.  

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