DIY Kid Headboard (Pallet Creation) has changed my life (seriously).  I spend way to much time getting googly eyed over all the creative ideas on it.   Pinning isn't enough for me either.   I've taken it to a much bigger level (go big or go home).

Every closet has been cleaned out, meal planning is in full swing, a new craft area is in the works, each cabinet has been rearranged, the garage got an overhaul, the good will got several trunk fulls, and my house seems to stay cleaner. I'm a happy wife and mother at this particular juncture.  THANK YOU to whomever invented this amazing website.  If your reading this and you have no idea what pinterest's time to go find out!    

I've seen SO many pallet creations and it's my new obsession (lets just be honest).  We went out pallet shopping the other day and happen to stumble upon the AAFES store manager here at Cannon AFB while we were stalking the back parking lot of the BX.   We asked and he said we could take a few. SCORE. We loaded them on top of my husbands FJ Cruiser and off we went. 

He has a "work" trip this week, that he swears isn't a vacation, but the itinerary sure made me think other wise.   Something about mountain climbing and time spent in a wind tunnel.  Hmm..

Anyway, I convinced him to "help" (do it for me) with the headboard this past weekend since I'd be stuck here in Clovis with the wind and dust that is forever blowing in.  

We started with two semi decent pallets and a cute little helper:

The first pallet came apart really easily with not too much blood or sweat, but the second pallet proved a bit harder. We hired the jigsaw on the second pallet and cut the boards off (losing a few inches).  

Some pallets have solid pieces of wood as the main frame but these had parts cut out where the fork lift picks them up.   

Next we laid out the general pattern of light/dark wood: 

We don't have a nail gun, so we just used small finishing nails to affix the pieces together. 

This project took about 2.5 hours and we were pleased with our final results: 

Ariel  – (Thursday, November 03, 2011)  

I love it! I think it turned out great!!! J is going to Colorado this weekend for some jumps (a.k.a. work)...but his parents were out this last weekend for his 50 mile race (which he managed 7th place in...9 hrs and 54 min.) and put down grass seed in our back yard. So fingers crossed it takes off so our dirt lot transforms into a real yard! I love it when the hubbies make it happen!! Cute helper too :)

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