Hawaiian Sandwich

I guess this sandwich is called Hawaiian because of the pineapple, nothing else about it really screams "Hawaiian" to me.  Where does asparagus grow anyway? I guess I will Google that after I"m done here. 

My mom taught me this one, not sure where she picked it up.  She's never been to Hawaii as far as I know.  It's a sandwich that I crave at least a few times a month.  It's an open face sandwich (those are the best).  

This is a simple concoction, but oh so yummy.   

 - Sour Dough
-  Mayo
-  Sliced Pineapple
-  Thick sliced ham
-  Asparagus
-  Swiss Cheese

Toast in the oven at 350 until your cheese is melty and your bread is toasty.   Enjoy! 

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