I cut Ronan's hair last night.  It's shorter than I hoped it was gonna turn out.  Usually Adam does it and can taper it a bit, but I just wanted it done immediately so I did it myself.  He always looks so much younger when it gets cut.

He often talks about becoming a dinosaur when he gets older.   So far it's the most commonly used phrase when you ask him the question.  Then he proceeds to let you know that he plans on eating everyone (except me of course) and shows no mercy or guilt when he tell yous he will eat you with his HUGE teeth.    Our neighbor Cami seems to top his list.  Can you blame him?  Check her out below.

Cami's family just moved to Spain.  It's rather depressing.   Next week Ronan's other girl friend and our neighbors on the other side of the house are moving to California.  SAD FACE. top it all off.   Our neighbors a few houses down are off to Arkansas the first week of January.  It's going to be VERY lonely around here especially when it warms up again in March.  Anyone out there taking application for new friends?  We may need to fill some out.

Loni  – (Friday, December 09, 2011)  

Ronan, cute as always. The last little girl just reminds me of the Olsen twins' Full House days!

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