Radio Flyer Shelf

I found this wagon this summer for $18 and thought I'd use it as a photo prop from time to time, but since I don't do that nearly as often as I used to, it was just taking up space in the garage.

At one point we considered making it into a bench, but neither of us were ever motivated enough to actually go pick out some fabric or put in the brain power that it would take to cut the wood and all that goes along with it.

I was on pinterest one day and saw a red homemade pallet shelf and it hit me to actually use a wagon as the shelf.   Who doesn't like an old heavy rusty shelf?? ;)

Adam took all the handles and wheels off (took about 5 minutes). We still have pallet wood laying around from all our other projects so we sanded one piece and cut it to size.  We put some stain on it and then Adam  screwed in the shelves from the side.

It already has two hole evenly spaced (from the wheels) so mounting it to the wall is a breeze.  We suggest getting at least one of the screws  into a stud since the wagon is pretty solid.  

Probably a 1 hour project.   I have it in my office, but could you imagine how cute it would be in a little boys nursery??  LOVE

Ariel  – (Sunday, December 04, 2011)  

so perfect...genius, and such a good deal!!

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